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At Treehouse Holdings, we foster growth and value by creating companies and by partnering with innovative entrepreneurs and management teams to build pioneering enterprises that bring game-changing technologies, products, and services to the market.


Technology has a Place. Healthcare Has a Face.

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Focus breeds success. Success means making an impact. Impact is measured through improved engagement and outcomes.

Our focus is on innovative healthcare solutions and when you think of healthcare, what do you imagine?  At Treehouse, we imagine faces.

We create and invest in proprietary technology solutions and innovative service business models with a focus on early stage, emerging healthcare companies, technologies, and markets. Through our direct operational involvement, these organizations grow to new heights and realize many special achievements. 

Technology only becomes revolutionary when people use it.

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ExamMed is the way telemedicine should be: intuitive, efficient and effortless. Simplifying and automating the most important aspects of healthcare delivery enables sustainable growth to meet the increasing demand for on-time medical services. ExamMed is well prepared to serve patients, and connect them to healthcare providers at a fraction of cost compared to established healthcare programs.
— Dr. Hartmut Schneider, M.D., Ph.D | Johns Hopkins Medicine
A revolutionary tool for ALCS and Stroke in the clinical and educational setting with adherence to guidelines, timing of CPR, medication administration, and critical interventions. It has timely reminders of all necessary interventions, providing real- time documentation, while reducing the likelihood of error and poor documentation.
— Director Pre-Hospital Care/Clinical Faculty Department of Emergency Medicine - Pittsburgh, PA
We strive to deliver optimal care on procedures, and HumazeMD keeps us current on best practices, can view outcomes, and collaborate with others to provide our patients with increased comfort and trust.
— Mark A. Chastain, M.D. | Skin Cancer Specialists of Atlanta
Light years better than what we have now. This would save time which in this job means saving lives.
— 911 Director in Atlanta, GA

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Collaboration And Partnerships

At Treehouse, we believe having hard working, enthusiastic, and smart people in the right positions enable our companies to execute great ideas and visions.

Our mission-centered process of working together produces trust, fosters integrity, and drives breakthrough results by building true ownership, synergy, and alignment in all aspects of our organization.

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